Wilderness Survival An In Depth Look

Wilderness Survival An In Depth Look

Odds are you probably came to our website to find details on Wilderness Survival An In Depth Look, if so this is the page for you. Wilderness Survival is a very popular subject among outdoorsmen and also an essential life skill. Knowing how to make your way in a wasteland won’t only help you in this area, but in your everyday life and especially traditional camping.

Introduction To Wilderness Survival.

Ok, it’s time for a run-down on some of the basics…

The 10 essentials for survival in any environment are as follows in this order.

  • Water, you will die without it in any environment and quickly.
  • Shelter, you probably thought food but it turns out you can live weeks without food
  • First Aid kit, yes, it turns out you are more likely to hurt yourself before dying of hunger.
  • Food, yes the one you suspected to come first is actually 4th in order of priority
  • Fire, so you can cook your food and stay warm.
  • Communication, if you don’t have a method of it, you need to make one
  • Knife, absolutely necessary anywhere you may be stranded.
  • Moral, if you don’t want to make it out then you won’t, same if you don’t think you’ll make it out
  • Method of Direction, this on is crucial, you should always have a compass.

A Plan, How are you supposed to do something as difficult as living off the
land from scratch without a plan?

At any given time in you life, no matter where you are you should be equipped with all of these essentials. Because without them you’ll die, whether in the city or the sahara.

The 5 essential skills for survival are as follows in this order.

How to Make Shelter, Considering it is the first skill required essential on the list you would think it’s the most essential survival skill entirely to learn how to make shelter here.

Survival Shelters

First Aid, to have a First Aid kit is useless if you can’t use it. To learn basic first aid here.
Fire Building, This is not an optional one, you will die without fire to learn how to build a fire without matches here.

Foraging, You will starve without food, so it would make sense to learn how to collect it. To learn how to forage here.

Wild Edibles
Directional Skills, You need these to find your way out and to find your way from place to place if stranded long-term. To learn how to use a map and compass, and the like here.

Water Purification and Gardening/Hunting Food and water are two of the most essential items for survival, therefore it is vital to be able to find them.

A water filtration system is something you should keep in your survival kit (we’ll talk about survival kits later) which you should take wherever you go. We personally have a manual travel sized pump filter and it works great. as for where to get your water, Creeks and spring are by far the best means of finding water, in fact it’s ok to drink from them without a filter. but in places like the California wilderness you may have to dig dried up creek beds for muddy water at best. so water filters are a must. If you are stranded in a fertile environment long-term Gardening is a good option to consider. but you need lots of water and seed from edible plants. So often times Hunting and Foraging are often the better options in the area of finding food.

To learn how to set rural traps in the wilderness here.

Wilderness Traps

Wilderness Survival Kit/Emergency Preparedness.

In this section we will show you how to put together a Survival kit, and how to be prepared at all times.


What Is A Wilderness Survival Kit?

A Wilderness Survival Kit is something you should always have with you even if you aren’t in the wilderness. You could keep it in your closet or in your trunk when on the move, at any rate it should should take you a maximum of 5-10 minutes to reach it at any given time.

It should include tools to provide you with the “10 Essentials For Survival” And tools to preform the “5 Essential Skills For Survival.” as well as what we mention below.

How to Make a Wilderness Survival Kit.

First you will need a sturdy back pack (not professional by any means, but at least 30 liters.)
We recommend a Teton brand. And next you need to learn how to strategically pack a backpack.

how to pack a backpack
Now that you Know how to pack a backpack, we will tell you what to pack.

1. Water filtration system
2. Paracord
3. Survival Knife
4. Lightweight Tarp
5. First Aid Kit
6. A few day’s worth of emergency food
7. Flint And Steel, maybe a big box of matches
8. Flashlight with lots of extra batteries
9. 2 Extra pairs of Wool Socks
10. A Lightweight Raincoat
11. 2 pairs of Lightweight, Synthetic pants
12. 2 Synthetic T-Shirts
13. Work Gloves
14. A Small Shovel
15. Toilet Paper
16. Money
17. Compass
18. Emergency Blanket
19. Lightweight sleeping bag
20. Light weight sleeping pad

How to be Prepared For Anything.

Having all the necessary tools and gadgets for survival means nothing if you aren’t prepared. That’s why Emergency preparedness goes right along with First-aid, Wilderness Survival, And disaster recovery…

Preparedness In The City. You may think that this sounds ridiculous because
you’d be surrounded with people so if you got injured some one would be bound to help you.

I’d like to emphasize on “You’d be surrounded by people” this presents more danger than you would probably suspect. But being just a little more aware of your surroundings will reveal first hand dangers you had seen before.

Be sure to bookmark this page as we will be adding part two of an depth look of Wilderness Survival.


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