Venezuelan Socialism Causing Food Shortages

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Venezuela was once one of the most financially successful and culturally vibrant nations in the southern hemisphere. Today, after nearly 20 years under socialist rule, Venezuela’s government is on the verge of economic collapse with inflation spiraling out of control and basic every day necessities such as food, clean water, and medicine becoming harder to find. Could this happen in the United States? With the current political atmosphere and changing demographics, it is now more possible than ever before. It is vitally important to have a plan put in place to protect your family of potential Food shortages in the United States.

Shortage in Venezuela due to economical crisis

Hugo Chavez

The recipe for disaster began in 1999 when socialist Hugo Chavez became President. At the time, Venezuela had the highest per-capita gross domestic product in Latin America. Once in office, Chavez nationalized the country’s vast oil reserves and began spending more money than what was coming in (sound familiar?). As Hugo Chavez continued to nationalize the nation’s economy and the deficit continued to grow, a ticking time-bomb was about to explode. The only thing that saved Venezuela was its vast oil reserves.

Shortage in Venezuela due to economical crisis - Hugo Chavez

Oil Prices Plummet

Disaster struck when global oil commodity prices began to decline. The source of revenue that Chavez used to fund his socialist government began to dry up. Even worse, foreign companies no longer invested in the nation fear that Chavez would confiscate their assets.

Today, Nicolas Maduro, Chavez’s hand-picked successor is now in charge. Under Maduro, things have spiraled out of control. Venezuela is now bankrupt. The government cannot even pay for basic food staples such as sugar, flour, and eggs. Most Venezuelans must wait for in line for hours outside of supermarkets to shop mostly barren grocery store shelves. Looting is now common and the crime rate has skyrocketed. Venezuela is quickly becoming a failed state and families are going hungry. 

Venezuelan Socialism Causing Food Shortages - Oil Prices

Looking at Venezuelan Socialism Causing Food Shortages

Could this happen in the United States?

Though the USA isn’t perfect, we are truly blessed to live in a free and stable nation. But could something like this ever occur in the United States? It’s more than possible. As we can see in the current Presidential election, changing demographics and values in the country has created support for Socialist Bernie Sanders. In the coming years, if the US government continues in partisan gridlock, the popularity of such candidates will only rise. It is possible that an economic collapse similar to the one occurring now in Venezuela could happen in the United States. 

Unlike Venezuela, the United States is the global economic engine of the world. If America’s economy falls, it won’t be a small blip on an economic screen. If America falls, the rest of the world will fall into a deep recession. If this were to happen, the only thing that can save your family is preparation. 

Venezuelan Socialism Causing Food Shortages - Food lines

Be Prepared

The best way to prepare for a possible economic collapse is to ensure that you have enough supplies to survive. Having a stable food supply is essential. It is important to stop delaying and begin planning now to ensure that your family doesn’t suffer through a food shortage. One way to help you prepare for disaster is to join other like-minded individuals and experts. One elite and informative group is the Survival Life Association. The Survival Life Association’s goal is to provide the best information, tactics, and skills to survive. The Association takes a logical and thought-based approach to disaster survival.

Look into the Survival Life Association here and consider joining. Remember, you are not alone. Please feel free to contact us anytime for any questions you may have about the association.

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