United States Unrest – How Close Are We To Civil War?

group of rangers was ambushed and returned fire leads

In 2016, we have had to endure one of the most vicious election years in our country’s long history. Never before have voters been so conflicted and almost violently against their political opposition, if not both candidates, but what many don’t see is that this election, no matter who wins, is a spark ready to ignite a powder keg. Our country has been rife with protest, mass incidents of violence, and widespread corruption. It is leaving many asking a question that American ancestors once swore they never wanted the country to ask again – how close are we to civil war?

What many political and social leaders seem to forget is that the United States is a country built on the rebellion of its people. We won our freedom in the Revolutionary War and that same freedom was the ideal that sparked the first Civil War. Whenever enough people in our country see their freedoms getting trampled on, and agree that they are, we have a history of fighting for our rights. So is that time coming around again?

Not if we elect the right presidential candidate, right? Unfortunately, no matter whether Democrats or Republicans win the White House, it won’t make a difference. Republicans are ready to fight. Democrats are ready to riot. The whole country is being pushed towards the next major event in its history.

No one can definitively say when or if a second civil war will come, but perhaps to get a clear glimpse at our future, it is best to first take a look at our past.

Before the Civil War broke out, there were several issues that divided the people, more than just slavery, and these issues compounded in different ways. First it was disagreement between the industrial-oriented Northerners and agriculture-oriented Southerners. Then it was protests over those disagreements. Finally, those protests turned violent until political leaders took to secession and finally a declaration of war.

Doesn’t all that sound familiar?

The United States has always been a country of people who have never agreed on much, and thus protests were an inevitability as well as a right. However, it is only recently that our differences in opinion have turned violent.

Terrorists came to attack our country from within. It is these attacks of foreign terrorism that arguably sparked the violence that has been going on today. However, surprisingly it is not foreign terrorists that are responsible for the increasing bloodshed anymore. The brutal acts of terror are being compounded by our own citizens now. Crazed people attack children at school, shoot up theaters, and attack their own friends and neighbors. Naturally, the counter to this is to ban the guns that people need to protect themselves because the police will do it.

Unfortunately, that is not the case anymore. After a string of poor shootings, the police have their hands bound by the rising Black Lives Matter cause. Even they can’t defend themselves without risking their jobs and the safety of their family due to community that has felt continuously disadvantaged and in threat throughout the country’s history. Sometimes they might be right to feel that way, but their answer of turning protests into nights of endless destruction and rioting is probably not the way to fix it.

These events and violent outbreaks have traditionally been the herald of civil unrest, or in America’s case, war. Right now, all our country is waiting for is the right political or social leader with enough power in opinion with enough people to say, “That’s enough, we’re not going to take it anymore!”

Unfortunately, there are no political leaders out there that are after fixing this country. This might be because they cannot. There are so many broken things, that no one person can. However, it is not why there are so few politicians even trying. It is because America is a country where you can make your fortune on the backs of others, and that is what most politicians are doing.

They receive massive paychecks for essentially getting very little done. In fact, the money they make hob-knobbing with other political elites in one year is twice what the average military grunt makes for putting their life on the line. The saddest part is that those paychecks are just what our massively in debt country pays them. It doesn’t factor in any under the table kickbacks or the palm grease provided by lobbyists and super pacts.

That is not to say there aren’t some good-hearted politicians out there that are still trying, but a handful of trustworthy people only seem to drown in the sea of ever-growing political corruption.

Unfortunately, right now that same corruption is America’s safety net from a second civil war. There is no one person that enough of our country can trust enough to stand behind and fight for real change to a broken system.

That is not to say there won’t ever be. America is damaged and threatening each day to not function without a violent change. All the average person can do is prepare for it. Some choose to prepare to fight for their rights, and that may be the right choice for them. However, for others, the right choice is just to be able to protect their family. The Survival Life Association believes in preparation. If you want to escape the broken system and live with just a fraction of the freedom this country was built on, we can provide. Contact us today to gain access to everything you need to survive from information to long-term food supplies for when you need to hunker down and weather the storm.


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