Water Shortage

Understanding Water Shortages and How to Prepare Without the Confusion

Potable water is likely the single most vital resource we can discuss concerning preparing for disasters and hardships. The subject is also one of the most neglected when it comes to Americans preparing for hardships. In this article let’s discuss why this is in our effort to understand water shortages and how to prepare without the confusion.


Fresh Water Supply

Understanding Water Shortages and How to Prepare Without the Confusion - Fresh Water

Fresh water makes up around 2.5% of the world’s water with saline water making up the rest. Although most of the water on earth is saline water (mostly in the form of oceans), there’s still plenty of fresh water for all the people of the earth to use. Yet, this doesn’t mean there’s not water shortage problems.


Conspiracy Around Water

In an effort to control the world’s population, the world’s elite are controlling people’s access to the potable water supply. Logically, every person could have access to clean water through the technology available and the money spent on aid. So, we must conclude there’s a conspiracy to control the access of potable water.

The results of this conspiracy to control the water supply in the world, is 2.2 million deaths every year mostly from underdeveloped countries. These deaths are mostly children who get diseases from drinking water that’s not safe, which gives them diseases such as cholera and dysentery.

This is part of the depopulation agenda of the world’s elite and also shows us their plans for developed countries later on. Agenda 21 and the false propaganda campaign of global warming are taking deep roots in America as we speak. The results are such things as: people being restricted from harvesting rain water on their property and more and more legislation around water usage in general.

Understanding Water Shortages and How to Prepare Without the Confusion - Agenda 21

Water shortage is a contrived problem created to control the populations of the world in order to create big government legislation. This socialist legislation is leading the world and America into a New World Order where our U.S. Constitutional rights will be taken away. So, water shortages and bad water are only problems because they’re being created by the world’s elite, yet are still something we’ll have to contend with in the future.


Preparing for Water Shortages

The problem will best be described as safe potable water shortage, which means there will likely be water in most places in America, but it’ll be full of parasites and disease-causing pathogens. This means being prepared with strong water filtration devices and rain water harvesting equipment is a good idea.

If some sort of attack or natural disaster takes place in America the water supply could easily be shut off. This could be nation-wide, regionally, or locally, but could cause major problems if even one large city had no water for 3 or more days. This is especially true considering 86% of Americans are dependent upon the public water supply.

Understanding Water Shortages and How to Prepare Without the Confusion - filtration system

Having a strong filtration system ready for a time when the public water supply is shut off will mean the difference between life and death for millions of people. This death could be a slow and painful death from the pathogens found in rivers, ponds, and lakes near the cities. The chemicals and waste being poured into these rivers, ponds, and lakes near large cities will only exacerbate the problem.

Every person serious about preparing in America needs to have a plan of action for when a water shortage scenario might occur. Even if you use well water; the pumps many times depend solely upon electricity. Having a generator, water filtration devices, and rain water harvesting equipment, are all good things to acquire in your overall preparation plans.

 Understanding Water Shortages and How to Prepare Without the Confusion - water well


Truth is there’s enough potable water, money, and technology, to supply every person in the world with the water needed to survive. The global warming propaganda and the depopulation agenda of the ruling elite are just tools to ultimately control the world and form a one world government. This New World Order spoken about so often by politicians is the reason water shortages will happen more and more in the future.

Americans are especially desensitized to the possibility of water shortages and are almost entirely dependent upon public water supply. This public water supply is known to have many dangerous chemicals added to it as well, which gives more credence to the need for a strong water filtration device.

Understanding Water Shortages and How to Prepare Without the Confusion - Water Shortage

Preparing now for a time when potable water is in short supply will ensure you and your family will survive in the hardships likely to come. There would be nothing worse than to have some water born disease and die a slow death, while disaster is ruining the country around us.

Plan now by stocking up on strong water filtration devices, rain water harvesting equipment, and generators. Not only will this be vital in the future, but using water filtration devices to avoid direct public water will improve your health now. To learn more about water shortages and how we can help you prepare please contact us today.

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