Town Livestock Ban Threatens Mini-Pig Pet


In the Tennessee city of Columbia, they recently put a new city zoning ordinance to work that states that no one may own livestock if they are within 1,000 feet of another house. For many residents that still have the grocery store’s tight leash around their neck, this didn’t affect them at all. However, it did affect one woman in a way she didn’t quite expect. Due to this new ordinance, Courtney Profitt might have to part with her pet miniature pot belly pig, Maple, because her neighbor made a complaint and the ordinance says she has the right of it.

While many people keep mini pot bellies as pets these days, stating they are cleaner and as comparably smart as dogs, the city ordinance states specifically that all pigs are considered swine, and thus, livestock.


Profitt argues that this ordinance doesn’t consider the popularity of pet pigs. Her argument against enforcement of the ordinance is that her pig won’t get huge and even at maximum size, she doesn’t intend to kill and eat it. Profitt has filed a petition for the city to change the zoning law. As of right now, Maple is living at a friend’s house outside of the city limits. The petition is already at 100,000 signatures.

Currently, Maple is about the size of a puppy. Even when she is grown fully, she will only be a maximum of 18 inches tall and between 70 to 125 pounds. This is about the size of a large dog that is perfectly fine in the neighborhood. Maple doesn’t live in a smelly pen nor does she crow incessantly like a rooster. Profitt maintains that she is a beloved member of the family.


Surprisingly, Profitt’s fight in Tennessee isn’t the only one. Because of a similar ordinance, Otis Lundy of Mississippi almost lost his pet pig shortly before he was about to be deployed to Iraq with the Air Force. Similar to Profitt, Diane Hines of Hamilton, Ontario almost lost her pet pig because a neighbor complained about code violation. Hines, like Profitt, is currently waiting to go before the city council. As Lundy got special permission from the mayor to keep his pet, precedence has been set for these two women.

This story is just the latest struggle of how irritating it is to live in a city. Not only can you not raise livestock, but city and neighborhood rules can prevent you from growing a garden, putting up a fence, and even generating your own electricity and water. Is it so wrong to want to have the social experience of living in a neighbourhood, but to also be self-sufficient by living somewhat or fully off the grid?

A large portion of this conflict between zoning ordinances and pet pigs comes from misconception of the livestock. Everyone believes mini-pigs to be like actual pigs that like to wallow in mud and have a bit of an odor to them. Yet, that is simply not so. Pigs are actually quite hygienic animals, those raised as pets, even more so.

This misconception makes it not only difficult to have a pet pig in a suburban setting, but to raise other livestock. If you want to raise any animal for meat, you are specifically forbidden regardless of if the animal is both quiet and clean, like quail or rabbits. This is just one more way that cities keep you on the grid and spending a ridiculous amount on poor quality meat at the grocery store. If you want to keep your personal property rights from being trampled on, we can provide you with both the information and the supplies.

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