Top 5 Ways to Build a Stock Pile of Long Term Food Stores

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The world is in a bit of a weird way these days. Every day brings new surprises and revelations, and often they make for a scary future. However, no matter what happens, as long as your family has the three basic necessities of food, shelter, and water, everything will be okay. No matter if riots happen in your town or a natural disaster comes knocking, as long as you don’t need to go out for supplies, your home is a much easier place to defend.

The easiest way to be prepared for a world gone askew is to make sure your family has enough food to eat. Having to go get supplies sets you up for a lot of things to go awry, so it is best just to be prepared. However, while most families have enough food for a few days, what happens if you need to stay in for the long haul? By having long-term food stores, not only are you prepared for anything, but it assures your family will never go hungry. So, how do you start building a long-term food supply?


Set Goals

You should decide, first and foremost, how much you want to store. Do you want three days of supplies or three months? It is all about how prepared you want to be and how well you want to provide for your family. Your level of preparedness should take into account how far you are from supplies, how long your area might be cut off in an emergency, and what sort of emergency is likely to strike where you live. All of these factors should dictate just how much food you should store.

If you find yourself too daunted to set a goal for a three month food supply, all you need to do is look at it in a smaller picture. By setting smaller goals, you will find that they will help you reach that larger long-term goal with much less stress.

Start by stockpiling small, buying an extra week’s amount of food at a time that isn’t factored into your weekly meal plan. Before you know it, you will have a few months of extra food that you can dip into in serious emergencies, or even minor ones like a particularly bad blizzard.


Prioritize These Foods

Some foods store better than others, which is a well known fact. If you store a few months of fresh veggies that aren’t otherwise preserved, you’re going to have a few months of rotten veggies in a few weeks. Never forget to keep this in mind when building a long-term food stock pile. When stock piling food, consider these goods to create a well-rounded emergency pantry:

  • Starches – These are a staple in the long-term diet. Not only are starches filling, but they store really well. Keep an abundance ofrice, flour, cornmeal, pasta, oatmeal, and even dried potatoes in your long-term food storage pantry.
  • Proteins – This doesn’t always mean meat. After all, meat is difficult to keep fresh. Instead consider beans, nuts, dried milk, powdered eggs, dry cheese, and canned fish or other meat like beef or chicken. It won’t be the same as a juicy steak, but it will give the nutrition that your family needs.
  • Vitamin-Rich Foods – Your family needs to stay healthy and while the above provides some nutrition, they aren’t what you would call vitamin-rich foods. Be sure to get foods with a lot of vitamins that also store well like dried fruit, canned fruit, pickled vegetables, canned tomatoes, and canned pumpkin. While canned vegetables like green beans or corn are alright, too, they tend to have a lot of salt and only a little usable vitamins.
  • Flavorings – While you can live on unseasoned rice for a long while, after a certain point, it isn’t much of a life. The good news is that seasonings for food keep for a really long time and go a long way. Food flavorings include chocolate, jam, salsa, yeast, cooking oil, and your basic spices.


Buy in Bulk

While starting your long-term pantry small makes building it less of a daunting task, it has its own unique problem of having to juggle expiration dates on all your goods. If you want to build a pantry and make managing it easy, buy your goods in bulk. Not only will a trip to Costco save you a lot of money, but it is a good way to buy bulk emergency food in a long-term pantry.


Create an Effective Storage Area

While you can combine your long-term food stores in with your everyday pantry, it is a recipe for disaster. If you are cooking up a meal and find you are out of something, it is much more tempting to grab it out of your emergency supplies and never think about it again. Your family might also see your emergency chocolate or protein bars and decide to have a snack. This means that your supplies will be slowly drained before you even need them.

Consider instead setting aside a different area that is both cool and dry to store your food. An extra closet works well, as does a basementproviding it doesn’t get too damp. If you can’t find a safe place, storage containers also work well to keep the food out of sight and safe from the elements.


Keep Organized

Once you have assembled several months of food, your job isn’t over yet. Expiration dates exist for a reason, and they should be followed. Proper organization makes a long-term food stock pile easier to handle. Keep a document of all the products expiration dates, and be sure to replace them before that happens.

This doesn’t mean you should waste that food, though. Just put it in your everyday pantry and make a note to use it as soon as possible.

Now that you know how to build a long-term food stock pile, it is time to get to work. Still daunted? You don’t have to undergo it alone. The Survival Life Association takes all the guesswork out of stock piling food by providing you with a fully-loaded long-term food supply.  Contact us today to learn what that entails, and more about what we offer.


Be ready for any disaster, threat or civil unrest.  You need to ask yourself if you are prepared for when the inevitable strikes?  Do you have enough food stores for your family?  Is your water supply safe?  Do you have a habitable safe haven when the tides turn?   Any Disaster can outfit you with every bit of off the grid material and products you could ever need.  

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