The 6 Unexpected Benefits of Living Off the Grid

The 6 Unexpected Benefits of Living Off the Grid -

To many, going off the grid and living a more natural life is nothing but a daydream to help them escape their boring office job. Yet, there are many out there living the dream of being off the grid, albeit not living it easily. No matter how hard the government tries to get them back on the grid, a few individuals are living on their own merits. Aside from returning to a more natural and rewarding life, living off the grid actually has a number of great and surprising benefits.

The 6 Unexpected Benefits of Living Off the Grid - Financial Independence

Financial Independence

Sadly, you will never be completely free of money’s insidious grasp. You will always need things and bartering only really works with your other off the grid neighbors. However, when you go off the grid, you will need significantly less money. You will no longer be shelling out cash for power and water, two providers who keep inexplicably raising their prices. You will no longer need to go to the grocery store each week to buy food when you can produce your own. You will no longer need to pay a mortgage on a house you built yourself. What money you do have will be significantly freed up for buying only what your really need.

The 6 Unexpected Benefits of Living Off the Grid - sense of security

Gain A Sense of Security

When you live on your own merits, building your own shelter, harvesting your own food, and getting your own water, it often leads to a newfound sense of security. If something goes horribly wrong in the world, you know where all your basic needs are coming from. That secure feeling is something you just can’t get in a suburb.

The 6 Unexpected Benefits of Living Off the Grid - develop useful skills

You Develop Useful Skills

Today, we don’t really cherish being able to build things, raise livestock, or grow anything. We’d rather focus on programming skills or marketing. You know, skills that don’t really matter if society stops working. When living off the grid, you are forced to develop useful skills in agriculture and even engineering if you want to have a successful homestead. These are skills that, while not so popular anymore, are always useful.

The 6 Unexpected Benefits of Living Off the Grid - family bonding

Form Stronger Family Bonds

If you go off the grid with older kids, it is not going to be pretty. They are already dependent on technology. However, if you start your off the grid life with younger kids, there will be no bond stronger than the one between your family. Your kids won’t be sitting on Facebook all day, they will be out learning new skills and being more connected with the world around them.

The 6 Unexpected Benefits of Living Off the Grid - enhanced creativity

Enhanced Creativity

One of the most surprising outcomes of living off the grid is what it does for your creativity. When you are not constantly being stimulated by technology, you gain the ability to not only focus better, but have a clear mind to let your creative side flourish. Whether it is developing something you have always liked to finding a long-lost artistic talent, having the focus and time can really let your creative side run free.

The 6 Unexpected Benefits of Living Off the Grid - decreased stress

Lowered Stress

This world is extremely stressful. Sometimes it feels like you are constantly late for something – that appointment, that meeting, that event your kids need to be at. It can get to be just too much. Then people turn to prescription drugs just to control their stress when all they have to do is go somewhere green. When living off the grid, you work on your own schedule. The only two pressing concerns you have? Feeding your animals and watering your plants. Everything else can wait. It leaves ample time to relax and just take everything in. Even if running a homestead is hard work, it is also stress-free and rewarding work.

Now that you know the benefits, living off the grid is looking more alluring than ever. However, it is not an instant transition. So while you are getting that new homestead ready, you should be prepared to make the jump. Contact us today to learn more about our 20,000 different survival supplies, long-term, food stores, and other emergency supplies.

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