Survival Knives In Depth Look

Survival Knives In Depth Look

Survival Knives In Depth Look

Today there are hundreds of survival knives out there, most look elegant and fancy so that people by them. But are those knives truly the best? In this article we will teach you how to find the best knife out of the bunch and which kind of knife you’d need for certain situations.

How to tell a bad knife from a good one:

Ok, pretty straight forward concept right? If you think this sounds easy enough why don’t you take a look at these comparisons…
Knive set one


Which ones are the better knives?


Ok, Here’s the answers the knives on the right were all high quality, the knives on the left were not. What? Yes, you heard me right, the fancy looking knives are no good. Now here’s how you tell…

  1. Quality Knives have re-enforced blades: This means that the blade extends all the way down the handle rather than stopping at the handle.
  2. Quality Knives are always single blade: This means only one side of the blade is sharpened, this makes the knife sturdier and it gives it more force in a blow.
  3. Usually, the best knives are fixed blades: this means that the blades do not fold into the handle, while there are some decent folding knives out there, fixed blades are usually all-around better. They are also more durable ad sturdy.
  4. A Quality knives’ handles are just as good as their blade: So that rubber, plastic, or carbon plated stuff is not real handle material. Hardwoods, Ivory, bone, or other bomb proof materials like re-enforced carbonite make the best handles, also the best knives have handles 3x the thickness of the blade for maximum stability.

Now that you know how to tell a good knife from a bad one, we’ll show you the best knives to have by category. We will also include an all around survival knife in each category and see how they compare to each special purpose knife.


Tactical Knives

Ok, tactical like lightweight, compact, security proof knives. Here’s the best to have.

  1. Credit card knives: credit card knives are small, light yet sturdy knives that can do some serious damage on an attacker. Though they may not have the best handles, they can easily make it through any standard airport security, and are sturdy enough.


  1. Tactical Daggers: Tactical Daggers have the sturdiest handles of all since it is just a one-piece knife, plus their design allows maximum force upon an attacker. This Knife is also fairly easy to hide, although it could not go through airport security like the credit card knife or the next knife we will be talking about…



  1. Keychain Knives: These knives are absolutely ‘Security Proof’. The can make it through any security no matter how tough. They are invisible to any potential attacker and have sturdy handles. There’s just one problem, they’re size… These knives have the potential to do damage if you can strike in the right spot, and they do have more availability I terms of how fast you can get the knife in hand with the blade open, but they are 90% of the time, non-lethal. And will probably only cripple your opponent 70% of the time, Is that risk worth taking?


  1. A Standard Survival Knife: Some manufacturers like Buck make, arguably, the most durable knives in the world, and perhaps the best camping/hunting knives as well. They meet all the criteria of a good knife, but are they good for self-defense? These knives are no good at hiding or getting through security, but they will definitely make any attacker have second thoughts and there almost 100% lethal. So yes they can defend you but they may not be the best overall in the tactical category.


Camping/Hunting Knives

So here we are looking for knives with good handles, and blades capable of chopping wood or fileting a fish. This knife needs to have very study handle, because it will generally be used to do whatever our hands aren’t strong enough to do since it is a general outdoors knife.

  1. Miniature Bush Knife: These Knives are usually sturdy, if made well, and have excellent blades, they specialize in cutting hard material such as wood, bone, or hard foods like nuts. These knives are also excellent hunting weapons when converted into a spear. They’re only disadvantage is that they aren’t very good when it comes to cutting meat I.E. Butchering a deer, or when it comes to fileting a fish because of their more strength based, bulky design.


  1. Standard Fixed Blade: These Knives are excellent when it comes to cutting things like food, or butchering an animal. They are also small enough to handle more tedious tasks like carving a spear with great detail, though a bush knife may be better at this. However, they aren’t the best knives when it comes to hard material. While there are very few standard fixed blades that are tough enough for the task, most should leave wood chopping or brush clearing to machetes and bush knives.


  1. High Quality Folding Knife: While they usually don’t measure up to the fixed blades, some high quality folding knives can have equal performance, such as the original buck folding knife. These knifes, when top dollar constructed, are the best small scale wood workers out of any knife, period! Some are also good at dealing with meat. But something they are all good with is dealing with camp material such as twine, thick climbing rope, tent canvas, etc.


  1. Standard Survival Knife: For an all-around out doors knife, some standard survival knives meet the task (Like a Buck Knife) and some don’t (Like a Gerber Knife). However almost all are good with meat and wood in general. Some do specialize in the meat/camp materials category (like a Buck Knife). And some Specialize in the wood section (Like a Kershaw). Overall, any standard, survival knife could be used for simple camping but usually a nice folding knife will do just fine.


Wilderness/Bush Knives

So here we are looking for a knife that can make firewood, cut through tall grass, make shelter, skin animals, filet fish, etc. All in one knife! Yes, these knives do exist, they a just usually expensive and hard to find. These knives need to be extremely long lived and sturdy because in the wilderness you have no way to repair or replace them.

  1. The Standard Buck Knife: This Knife is probably the most long lived, well built knife in the world. No handle can compare to a buck handle, however some knives do have nicer blades, but a buck knife is usually better anyway. This knife probably the best possible hunting knife to, it can filet a fish or butcher wild game twice as fast as any Kershaw or Gerber. While it is capable of small cutting jobs, it’s not the best in this area.


  1. Miniature Bush Knife: Yes, again this knife becomes a competitor. This knife is by far, the best wood cutter, few machetes are any better do to their instability and length. This knife is also more than capable of meat-work however it does not compare with the buck knife in this area. You can also use this knife for brush clearing and whittling making it a good choice for an all around survival knife too.


  1. Standard Fixed Blade: Again, these knives are very sturdy and meant for all around performance, they are capable of butchering and/or fileting meanwhile they can also chop wood. Though the may not specialize in one particular area, they could definitely be used as a wilderness survival knife.


  1. Standard Survival Knife: So, this category most certainly fit’s this knife well. And it is very capable, and specializes in, cutting/butchering meat, fileting fish, chopping wood, and clearing brush. It is everything you could ask for in this area.


Now that you know what makes a good knife, and what knife fits each category. You might want to re-examine your knife collection. A true survivalist who is always prepared should have at least one knife from each category.


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