Survival Fires How To Guide


In this article we will show you how to make the ultimate fires based of your surroundings…

Survival Fires How To Guide

A How To Guide

Fire #1, Deserted Urban Area Fire:


How would you make a fire after a nuclear strike or major storm/natural disaster? Well, if you don’t already know how we’ll show you how.


Step 1. Find some wood: You need to find wood if you are going to make fire, this is obvious. You should check around fallen structures or trees, make sure the wood’s surroundings secure the fact that the wood is not intoxicated by substances that are dangerous when burned.


Step 2. Make Tinder: Obviously you need to find something highly flammable, pretty simple in an Urban environment. But if nothing else, you can carve shavings from your wood supply.


Step 3. Find a Fan: Not a literal fan, but rather an object that you can use to fan your fire once it’s lit.


Step 4. Build it: Anyone can build a fire structure. You should probably go with a tipi because you can nearly always light them first try.


Step 5. Ignition: Ok, this is the hardest part… Here’s some stuff you should look for.

  1. Flint
  2. Batteries
  3. Soda Cans
  4. Flashlights

And if you go to out article on how to light fires, you could utilize any of these.


Fire #2, Tropical/Wet Environment Fire:


Starting Fires in these environments can be tricky do to the moisture and humidity. The wood type also doesn’t help much.


Step 1. Find Wood: In these environments you’re looking for things like Palm tree husk, Empty & Dry Coconuts, Rotted wood of any kind. These all burn very well and aren’t hard to find in these environments.


Step 2. Make Tinder: In a tropical environment it is difficult to find good tinder but things like occasionally found, dead grass and coconut husks will do.


Step 3. Ignition: Now this is tricky… There aren’t many things things that could help you out here. Primitive fire starting methods like the hand drill or bow and drill method are probably your best bet in this environment.


Step 4. Make it Big: Note, Palm tree husk burns for a very long time. So if this is just an overnight fire, don’t put to much wood on there. But if you want this fire big and long lasting, build a log cabin structure with whatever wood besides palm tree husk you have. Next pile the husk inside of your structure. Now your fire should be nearly invincible.




Fire #3, Wooded backcountry Fire:


Well, this is definitely the easiest environment to make a fire in. In fact, you probably won’t need to walk more than 10 feet to find some decent wood.


Step 1. Find wood: Again, in this kind of biosphere it’s easy to find wood…


Step 2. Make tinder: In the wooded backcountry, dry grass and other tinder materials are quite common and easy to find.


Step 3. Ignition: you should have no trouble finding some flint to use to light your fire.



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