Recent Florida Case Shows: Eminent Domain Equals the Government Stealing Private Property

Recent Florida Case Shows: Eminent Domain Equals the Government Stealing Private Property- cape coral

One can argue about anyone “owning” private property when property taxes have to be paid, but regardless the government always has eminent domain if they need to grab your land. Basically, eminent domain is defined as the right of a government to take private property with a payment of compensation. When a government is corrupt, the fuzzy terms of public use and compensation become subjective. Basically, in layman’s terms eminent domain equals the government stealing private property.

We see a good example of this in a recent Florida case where eminent domain has reared its tyrannical head, with a story found in online publication Cape-Coral-Daily-Breeze in an article written on June 17th, 2016 called “Eminent Domain: Property Owner Cries Foul Over Forced Sale”.

The City of Cape Coral, FL is trying their best to simply take away Jeff Bunch and his family’s 5-acre property. Jeff Bunch owns and runs the Acorn Tree Service on the property and isn’t interested in selling it for any price, much less the “lowball” price they told him was going to be the compensation.

Recent Florida Case Shows: Eminent Domain Equals the Government Stealing Private Property- city of cape coral

The city first called a couple years ago asking him to sell, and in 2015 called twice more asking for him to sell again. Branch didn’t even know why the city wanted his land, but made it clear he wasn’t interested in selling it. Later, after a certified document came in the mail with the eminent domain claim and the “lowball” price, Bunch since learned “…the city wanted the land for the Utilities Expansion Project for two above-ground storage tanks to service the Southwest 6-7 and North 2 project areas.”

Jeff Bunch has now hired an attorney to represent him, and the Bunch family have appeared at the last three City Council meetings. “Bunch says there are a number of properties for sale near his five-acre parcel he believes would be suitable for the storage tanks.” Yet, city staff and City Council won’t respond to any questions to help him understand.

Thankfully the Bunch family is planning on fighting this case, as Jeff Bunch “…promises to fight the taking of his property through the court system as far as he needs to go.” Yet, we have to wonder if the government will play fair when they’ve already showed such disrespect.

Recent Florida Case Shows: Eminent Domain Equals the Government Stealing Private Property- land appraiser

For instance, the article says, “Bunch says the city sent appraisers, surveyors and land clearing estimators onto his property without their permission or knowledge.”

This is a fresh and recent case of what the government thinks of private property rights. All they really have to do today is send a land owner a document saying the city is claiming their land with eminent domain and give a “lowball” amount of compensation.

If they can take Jeff Bunch’s land when he doesn’t want to sell and there are other options for the city, then why couldn’t they simply give him $10 in compensation as well? This is the type of absurd power the government has with eminent domain when judges and the court systems are corrupt.


Private property is one of the fundamental Bill of Rights Americans enjoy, but is being heavily attacked by a socialist/communist agenda. The government under the intent of the U.S. Constitution was never allowed to even own land, but more and more America’s land is being controlled under the government’s unlawful ownership today.

The government is dependent upon the people serving in it to have integrity, in order for private property and other fundamental rights not to be infringed upon. As we can see through stories like this one and others, most public officials serving in the formal government do not have integrity. This means eminent domain laws are just a tool for dishonest people to steal private property.

Survival Life Association wants to shed light upon recent cases of land grabbing like this one in Cape Coral, FL, in order to bring awareness to our readers about the real state of the union.

Being in denial about eminent domain and Agenda 21 type laws means you’ll likely be caught off-guard when it comes to preparing for the future. Being aware of the truth and preparing for the worst, gives you and your family the best chance to survive whatever comes your way. To learn more about how we can help you get prepared, please contact us today.


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