Potential Terrorist Attack Threats on US Soil – What is the Threat and Why?

Potential Terrorist Attack Threats on US Soil - What is the Threat and Why? - twin towers

The whole idea of terrorism began to be foisted on the American people with the Twin Towers coming down on 9/11. At the time, the official story was that two planes flown by amateur pilots doing expertly difficult maneuvers brought down three buildings. In addition, another plane supposedly did damage at the Pentagon where all traces of its wings disappeared. Plus, a third plane supposedly crashed in a field, where all traces of the plane disappeared. These were incredible stories believed by a shocked citizenry that was subsequently “shocked and awed” into submission to a federal government that declared a “war on terror” while curtailing Constitutional freedoms in the process. While this was the official story, “some doubted”. The doubts of the few have morphed into the doubts of the many. Far beyond the few “conspiracy theorists” who immediately questioned the official version, the persistent and consistent vetting of the facts has thrown doubt over the whole official story. Of course, the redacted 28 pages of the official story, which more recently came to the limelight in the presidential primaries, took away the cover of the official story, which could no longer say “nothing to see here, move along now”.  Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth is one of the organizations that is delving into the facts of that day’s events. Infowars has covered this information in the past. Suffice it to say, the official version of what happened that day has some serious problems.

Potential Terrorist Attack Threats on U.S. Soil- ISIS Attack Warnings and Cyber Terrorism -   Architects & Engineers for 9:11 Truth

Besides the logistics problems of how two planes can bring down three buildings, plus other plane parts and even a whole plane disappear completely, there are other serious problems connected to the “why” and the “whodunit”. Any amount of serious investigation leads to the fact that it had to be an inside job within a corrupted federal government. That has been amply covered elsewhere, so will not be repeated here. The point is, the same government that engineered the take down of three buildings (the Twin Towers and Building 7), engineered a fake “war on terror”. Weapons of mass destruction were never found and it was admitted later that they never existed. In an attempt for the media to cover up the truth, you will see headlines like this. “President Bush did not lie, but he and his administration are guilty of numerous deliberate deceptions.” Huh.  I thought that “deliberate deceptions” meant “lies”. I actually checked with both an online dictionary definition and a hard copy dictionary. You know what? “Lie” is not a direct synonym of deception, however subterfuge is which is “the strategy of telling  a lie in order to escape guilt or to gain an end”. Also, words like falsehood, half-truth, trickery, evasion, bill of goods, exaggeration, overstatement, fraudulence, deceit, misrepresentation, untruth and misleading falsehood are some of the other synonyms to deception.

Potential Terrorist Attack Threats on US Soil - What is the Threat and Why? patriot act

The point is, if something as massive as 9/11, the war on terror, the Iraq War, the Patriot Act, and numerous other directions the country has gone since 9/11 were started on lies, oops, deceptions, then what other deceptions are hiding in plain sight? To the seasoned eye and ear that has watched this long-term, it is evident that some of the internal rioting is caused by paid groups of rioters, lately called “rent-a-riot”  or “rent-a-mob” groups.  The ultimate goal is to have such a disruptive environment that “Big Daddy” government has to step in with martial law. Then, all Constitutional rights are ended. Plus, the election might even be called off. For those who work in the NWO (New World Order), this is a desired end. Having American citizens on lockdown is something desired so they can extend a worldwide dictatorship.

The pesky Second Amendment creates problems for them, so they keep trying to find a way to get rid of the guns and shut American citizens down, along with their free speech and their demands for a government that stays within its Constitutional borders.  The Constitution was created to reign in the government, not the citizens, according to the Tenth Amendment. “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” In other words, those powers not given directly to the federal government belong to the people and the States. The federal government has tried to reverse it so it becomes the source of all power. It is trying to ignore and undo the Tenth Amendment so it can become a dictatorship. Civil unrest would work nicely to help it achieve that plan. As community organizers believe, “never let a good crisis go to waste”.

Potential Terrorist Attack Threats on US Soil - What is the Threat and Why? Second Amendment

These are the battle lines that are currently being drawn. Because of this, there may be a terrorist attack, but more likely, engineered and paid for civil unrest, paid for by Soros and other NWO groups. However, there is still the possibility for a potential terrorist attack on US soil due to the border problem. If this happens, you will want to be prepared. Whatever happens, you will need food, water, and other survival supplies. You need a plan, checklists, and training of what to do. This is where we come in. We have a community where these issues are discussed and where you can prepare.

Contact us to become a part of it. Meanwhile, stay abreast of the real news of what is happening behind the scenes by watching Infowars and other alternative news sites that are not controlled by mainstream media.

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