Outlandish Ways to Light a Fire

Here are some Different and Outlandish
Ways to Light a Fire.

Outlandish Ways to Start A Fire

Gum Wrapper Lighter:

You Need:

  1. A piece of Gum in a metal based wrapper
  2. A Battery

To make a lighter out of a Gum Wrapper and a Battery, just cut the Wrapper into small strips and with the metal facing down, put a strip on each end of the battery. Next make the two ends of the wrappers meet and ta-da! You have fire.




Starting a Fire with Water!:

You Need:

  1. Water
  2. Either a Light Bulb, Smooth surfaced water bottle, or Plastic wrap.

To start a Fire with water of all things! You simply fill any of the objects with water and they become magnifying glasses with which you can make Fire! (with plastic wrap you’ll need to enclose the water somehow, can be tricky.)





Starting a Fire with a Soda Can!

You Need

  1. A soda Can
  2. Either a piece of char cloth, or super dry tinder

To start a Fire with a soda can, just make sure the bottom of your soda can is polished clean. Now you need to find a point where you can focus the sun’s light on your tinder, and hold. You will need to be very patient but eventually your tinder should light.



Starting a Fire with your Phone and Steel Wool:

You Need

  1. A phone (smart phones will not do) you must be able to remove battery.
  2. Steel Wool or a Gum Wrapper

To start a Fire with your Phone, just Remove the battery from your phone and rub it against the steel wool. If you are using a gum wrapper, just treat it the same as you would as the battery/wrapper lighter.



Starting a Fire with a Flashlight:

You Need

  1. A flashlight
  2. Tinder

To Start a Fire with a Flashlight you need to disassemble the flashlight and remove the reflector from the front and remove the light bulb. Next, place your tinder in place of where the light bulb was and bring the sun into focus on your tinder and wait. This may take a minute or two so be patient.



Starting a Fire with Chlorine and Brake Fluid

You Need

  1. Chlorine
  2. Brake Fluid

To Start a Fire with Chlorine and Brake Fluid all you have to do is simply mix the two put it on your kindling and run away….

Chlorine and Brake Fluid

Starting a Fire with Your Car Battery a Jumper Cables

You Need

  1. Your Car
  2. Jumper Cables
  3. A Gum Wrapper or Steel Wool

To Start a Fire with Your Car Battery and Jumper Cables you just have to hook up your cables to your car battery and use the other ends to make contact with the steel wool or gum wrapper.  And within seconds you should have, Fire!

Fire With A Battery and Jumper Cables


Starting a Fire with a Potato!

You Need

  1. A Potato
  2. Toothpaste
  3. Sharp object
  4. Wire
  5. Salt
  6. Tinder bundle

The Odds are you won’t have these ingredients in a jam but it’s still fun…  Cut your potato in half, carve out a crater in the middle of the potato and mix your salt and toothpaste in the crater and put the potato back together.  Next, poke two hole through the potato and stick a wire through each one so that they barley touch the toothpaste/salt mixture.  Wait Five minutes, touch your tinder to the wires and connect the wires, Be careful!


Fire with Potato


Starting a Fire with a Pencil

You Need

  1. A pencil with no eraser
  2. Two 9-volt batteries or a car battery

To start a fire with a pencil, Take either your two batteries or car battery and make one end of the pencil lead touch the positive charge and the other end, the negative charge, your pencil should be flaming in a matter of seconds!

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