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Missouri Pro-Gun Law Changes Now Allowing for More Personal Freedom

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Missouri, like many other states, has always been somewhat divided on gun laws. While many in the state are pro-gun and in support of the right to carry them, traditionally the move to allow for more personal freedoms with the right to bear arms has been met with opposition across the state’s urban and rural lines. Those who live out in the country have always been strongly in favor of looser firearm laws with the state’s city slickers having had more mixed opinions on the issue. However, with the recent widespread violence across the United States, it seems that even those living in Missouri’s great urban sprawls are scared. This has led to a major victory for gun owners in the state as legislation passed sweeping changes to their concealed carry, gun permit, and “stand your ground” laws.

So what has changed for gun owners in Missouri?

Spread across Senate Bill 656, though mainly found in Chapter 571 covering “Weapons Offenses,” there are several crucial changes for gun owners that will be taking effect over the next few months. These include:

  • Expanded Conceal Carry
  • New Rule Changes for Stand Your Ground
  • More Rights to Permit Holders

As of January 1st, 2017, lawful gun owners will be able to conceal guns and carry them anywhere in the state without the previously needed permit issued by the local sheriff or country police department or the 8-hour gun safety course. The permits and gun course will still be available for those travelling outside Missouri with their concealed carry weapon. While there are local laws that may still require a permit, such as those in St. Louis, the state law changes now override them. While conflicting to police officers, to be sure, it does give gun owners a sturdier leg to stand on should they need to argue local laws.

The new year also ushers in the law change that says those on active duty when their permits expires will be able to get a renewal without penalty for up to two months after they are discharged. This was something that had previously tripped up many of Missouri’s servicemen who had to endure the runaround and even fines for serving their country.

However, one of the most important changes to the new laws goes into effect much sooner than the other changes. In fact, it is in effectnow. As of October 14th, the “Stand Your Ground” law has been altered to better protect those who actually need to use it. The law already protects a person’s right to use deadly force to defend their vehicle or home. As revolutionary as the law was, it has always proved more complicated than it was meant to be, often mired in a number of rules and restrictions. However, now the law no longer requires people to back away in public places, like in a bar parking lot, before using deadly force if they are in fear of bodily harm. So in essence, if you are in fear for your personal safety, now you can actually literally stand your ground like the law once suggested that you could.

As with any pro-gun changes in any state, the changes in Missouri are still met with some opposition. However, in the past where the opposition was fierce enough to block the passage of concealed carry in 1999, it has continued to wane since it passed in 2003. Peopleare scared, and like many, they are turning to firearms to feel safe again.

That is not to say there are still no gun restrictions in Missouri. Many of the same restrictions still apply. Concealed carry owners are still not allowed to take their firearms into designated public places like court houses, stadiums, or schools. However, now business owners also have the right to post “No Guns” signs in their windows to which concealed carriers have to abide. As for owning a weapon, potential gun owners will still have to undergo background checks, and felons are still barred from purchasing firearms.

So what does this mean for those living in Missouri? For gun owners, it means more freedom to defend themselves from a world that is progressively going more insane by the day. The liberal minority in the state believes that it will only increase the mayhem, but in reality, if criminals know that more of their victims have a gun tucked into their coat, they will think twice before making a potentially deadly decision. While even pro-gun supporters commiserate with police offers who will have a more difficult and potentially dangerous job ahead of them due to unfit gun owners that could slip through the cracks, even those who own guns illegally will think twice before drawing their weapons in a public place if they know they might have twelve more pointed at them.

For those looking to move off the grid, the looser gun laws also make the state a more alluring option to build a homestead. Missouri already has a large community of those living a more natural and peaceful life nestled in their rugged Ozark Mountains that dominated the southern section of the state.

If Missouri suddenly rose to the top of your list for building your dream off the grid home, the Survival Life Association can help you turn that dream into a reality. If you have the funds to build, we have the supplies that you will need to survive. Contact us today to learn how you can get access to everything you need from information and supplies to long-term food stores to help you escape the chaos that comes from being connected to the grid.

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