Living Off the Grid: How to Start the Process

Living Off the Grid- How to Start the Process  -

Currently, it is estimated that over 200,000 people live off the grid. This could mean simply living off the electrical grid that is currently in place, but it could mean living outside of sewer grids as well. Naturally, living off the grid has many benefits. It helps save the environment and can help improve your closeness with nature.

If this is something you are considering, here are some of the things you can do to begin living off the grid.

Living Off the Grid- How to Start the Process - off grid solar

Focus on Location
Start by looking for the right location to live. This should either be a place that can offer you wind energy or solar energy. Remember, if you choose to use any energy source in your home, you will need to extract it in some way. So, choosing either an extremely sunny or extremely windy location is usually the best option. If you can find a place that offers both of these items, you will be even better off.

Living Off the Grid- How to Start the Process - wind energy

You will also need to determine what type of structure you wish to live in. You will need to build an energy-efficient home or buy something that already has this type of system setup. If you purchase a home, you may be able to put very little investment into it and come up with the perfect structure. Many people are even turning to tiny homes to fulfill all their needs.

Water Collection
In addition to power, you will need a way to gather water. So, your site will need to have a reliable water source that you can tap into. Most of those living off the grid collect water from a well that uses a pump to collect the water. However, if you do choose to go this route, remember that your water will need to be tested regularly for health reasons.

Living Off the Grid- How to Start the Process - rain barrels

Rain barrels are also a great way to collect water, but this is not always reliable. It is a great solution, however, for capturing water for your gardening purposes. In some areas, rain barrels could even provide the majority, if not all, of your annual water needs. Avoid collecting water from a nearby stream because it could be contaminated by bacteria and other pollutants. Water filtration and purification systems will be necessary if you choose to go this route.

Finally, you will need to determine a good source of food before you begin living off the grid. Growing your own crops and preserving your own food is a great way to fully live off the grid. You can accomplish this by planting crops or becoming a farmer. This option is a great one when it comes to costs and can help you avoid needing to travel to find groceries.

Living Off the Grid- How to Start the Process - Livestock

Some great animal options for those living off the grid are goats, cows or chickens. Each of these can provide adequate food and can be a great source of protein. Since protein is an important part of our diets and necessary for us to stay healthy, having a way to consume it is critical.

Living Off the Grid- How to Start the Process - Food Source

If you are considering living off the grid, these are all some of the things you will need to do to get started. Starting out with a strong plan can help make the transition easy and smooth. Make sure you keep all of these items in mind when you are planning your journey to becoming a living off the grid person.

Living off the grid is already a popular option for so many people. If you are considering following in their footsteps or already have a toe in the water we can help.

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