How To Make And Use An I.N.C.H Bag

How To Make And Use An I.N.C.H Bag - Durable Backpack

First off, INCH Stands for I’m Never Coming Home. So an Inch Bag would simply be a bag with everything you need to live 100% off the land with no recourses except those in your Inch Bag. So you may be thinking, OK I’ll probably need some Matches, Traps, Fishing Gear… No, you need to think like a minimalist. So you’ll eventually run out of things like matches and survival food right? And traps/fishing gear take up lots of room and could weigh a lot right? So rather than bringing matches, bring a knife so you can find some flint in a creek and make a fire. And instead of bringing traps/fishing gear, bring some fishing line which can serve for both and be reused. Do you get the concept? You need to be more reliant on your surroundings and less reliant on your gear, with this in mind we’ll go through the packing list and how to use each item.

How To Make And Use An I.N.C.H Bag - Inch bag

1. A very Durable backpack (60+ liters and lightweight is best)
2. A water filtration system (Compact and light)
3. A very durable water container (not overly large or heavy)
How To Make And Use An I.N.C.H Bag - camping knife
4. 2 High quality Knives (just in case you lose one or on breaks)
5. A Flashlight with rechargeable Batteries
6. A Satellite phone with rechargeable batteries
7. A Solar charger
8. Lots of fishing line (Use sparingly because nature has no substitute)
How To Make And Use An I.N.C.H Bag- sleeping bag
9. A lightweight Sleeping bag (should be rated for 20 degrees at the warmest)
10. A Tarp (For shelter, be very careful with it)
11. Bandage braces (As in the adjustable cloth wrap that acts as a brace)
12. Antibiotic Cream (you should pack plenty)
13. An Emergency Tourniquet
14. Cash (probably over $500)
15. An extra pair of boots (You’ll need them)
16. A Change of Synthetic Clothes (Underwear, long pants, Short sleeve shirt,
Knee High Socks, all should be waterproof)
17. A broad brimmed hat
How To Make And Use An I.N.C.H Bag- camping shovel
18. A small hand shovel (For when nature calls)
19. A compass
20. A lightweight jacket (Water proof)
21. A water proof bag (3-4 liters should do)
How To Make And Use An I.N.C.H Bag- pistol
22. A Pistol with 20 rounds (Not for hunting!)
23. Lots of twine (use sparingly)
24. A few fishing hooks (20 or so)
25. Animal Pepper Spray
26. 100 FT of rope (tested for 300 lbs or more)
27. Some Carabineers (tested for 500 lbs or more)
How To Make And Use An I.N.C.H Bag- 4 season tent
28. A lightweight 4-season tent

How To Use Each Item:

1. A Durable backpack; So it’s important to know how to use your backpack because it will carry and store all
of your belonging right? So you will want to pack in such a manner that will make things accessible and
easy to carry. Here’s how you do it…

-Be sure to pack heavy/bulky object like your sleeping bag and tent, in the bottom of your backpack.
– Keep important items like your water filter or knife in your backpack’s external zipper pockets of side pockets for easy access
– pack all light objects like clothes and your compass, in the upper section of your backpack
– attach large/inconvenient items to the out side of your backpack, like tarps, ropes, & carabineers.

Ok, so now you know how to use your backpack.

2. A water filtration system; ok, any standard water filter will come with instructions just read them. Some
Ideal places to find water are creeks, springs, and waterfalls.

3. A water bottle; stay hydrated.

4. Knives; Obviously this is the single most important object you have, here’s what it can be used for…

– Striking flint to make fire
– Cleaning wild game
– Spearing fish
– Carving
– Chopping small wood
– Cutting misc. objects
– Self defense
– And more!

So you see, you need to take care of your knife if you ever get into an INCH situation.

5. A flashlight; Again, read the instructions

6. A Satellite phone; Read the instructions, use it to try to contact civilization.

7. A solar charger; Read the instruction, use it to recharge your satellite phone and flashlight batteries

8. Fishing line; This is a treasure use very sparingly, fishing line will make your traps and catch your fish,
this is how you will get food. Read up on some trap making tutorials and learn how to fish without a pole
(it’s pretty straight forward) re-use whenever possible

9. Sleeping bag; To sleep in, don’t get it wet.

10. Tarp; a very useful item, use for any and all things shelter related.

11. Bandage braces; a useful wrap for whenever you sprain or pull something, also to stop serious bleeding

12. Antibiotic cream; use sparingly, only for things like serious stings or animal bites, 2nd and 3rd degree
burns, rashes, sores, etc.

13. An emergency tourniquet; DO NOT USE UNLESS YOU’D DIE OTHERWISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, so only if your hand is
seriously infected and it’s spreading up your arm, is 100% useless, excruciating pain, bleeding all the
time, type of situation, this is what it should come to before your remove a limb.

14. Cash; it’s not tinder, only spend when you need to

15. An extra pair of boots; use your other shoes until they fall apart, you never know how long you’ll be

16. Synthetic clothes; to wear, wash in clean creeks let them dry before you put them back on.

17. A broad brimmed hat; to protect you from the sun, rain, hail, snow, whatever it may be

18. A Small hand Shovel; for digging cat holes, disgusting. An alternative would be to go in creeks and
streams instead.

19. A compass; once you learn your knew surroundings, a compass will be very useful, and if you know your rough
location, you may be able to find civilization.

20. A lightweight jacket; to wear obviously

21. A waterproof bag; to store stuff like your compass or pistol in.

22. A pistol; ONLY FOR LIFE OR DEATH SITUATIONS!!!!! You can only have so much ammo

23. Twine; uses include, shelter, camp gadgets, Traps, tinder, etc.

24. Fishing hooks; for your traps and your fishing

25. Animal Pepper spray; for things like a charging bear, a coyote, wolf, rabid animal, etc.

26. 100 FT of rope; in case you need to climb or suspend something

27. Carabineers; Misc. purposes

28. Tent; take very good care of your tent, camouflage it, build an external structure around it, whatever you
can do to make it last longer.

And that is how you make and use an INCH bag, so with the proper skill set and your INCH bag always on hand, you should be able to survive Any Disaster.

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