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Front Sight: The Gold Standard for Firearms Training

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A pilot would not fly an airplane without thorough training and instruction, nor would a physician attempt complex surgery without years of prior preparation and tutelage from other experienced surgeons. In the same vein, no firearm owner should expect to demonstrate any degree of proficiency with their weapons if they have not received proper training and education in how to use those firearms safely and effectively. Since 1996, the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada, has offered unparalleled training in the defensive use of handguns, rifles, and shotguns. If you own a firearm, you owe it to yourself and the people around you to experience the kind of training that Front Sight provides.

Front Sight established its reputation as the firearm training destination of choice by focusing initially on firearms enthusiasts, competitive shooters, and law enforcement personnel. The company’s founder quickly realized that the individuals who participated in its training classes represented only a small fraction of the gun owners who could benefit from the expertise of the company’s staff. Front Line then extended its training into mainstream gun owners who acquired their firearms out of concerns for their own self-defense and the defense of their families, and who accepted the responsibility that comes with firearm ownership. Front Line developed its reputation among those mainstream owners by treating them all with respect, regardless of their prior experiences with firearms.

Firearm owners who have received Front Sight training typically remark on at least seven lessons that they take away from the company’s training classes:

1. A firearm is only a tool, and the shooter is the weapon.

Gun owners control their tools. They need to develop the proper mindset to handle their firearms in every conceivable situation and to maintain their poise and concentration regardless of the circumstances. Anyone can learn how to use a gun to hit a stationary target in a controlled firing range setting. Front Sight’s training goes beyond target practice, and teaches firearm owners to think, plan, predict outcomes, and concentrate on how they use their weapons.

2. Any firearm will serve a defensive purpose if the shooter is trained and capable.

First-time gun owners focus most of their energy on selecting what they perceive to be the best firearm for them. Just as any car can transport you from point A to B, any gun will serve a defensive purpose if the user knows how to use it in different situations. Shooting practice on a target range with a pre-chosen gun does not prepare a firearm owner to use different types of guns, to safely load and engage different weapons with either his right or left hand, to shoot under dimly lit conditions, or to handle weapon malfunctions. Front Sight’s training focuses on the individual and not the individual’s specific firearm of choice.

3. A firearm owner can always improve his skills.

A firearm owner who believes he is prepared for anything simply because he can place six or seven bullets through the heart of a stationary target is fooling himself. Front Sight’s trainers know and emphasize that a shooter can always improve his skills and that training has no endpoint. Different scenarios call for different levels of training. Front Sight regularly adds new training scenarios in its classes and teaches its clients how to manifest that training in other scenarios that might not have been anticipated.

4. Unlike concealed carry classroom lessons, Front Sight training is practical.

Most concealed carry classroom instruction focuses on the legalities of concealed carry regulations and not on the actual use of the firearms. Gun owners who have their concealed carry permits generally know when and where they can take their weapons. Front Sight teaches them how to use those weapons to their optimum purpose.

5. Front Sight teaches strategies for handling firearm malfunctions.

Guns are mechanical devices, and like all devices they are prone to jamming and malfunctioning at the worse possible times. Poorly-trained gun owners are often the source of a malfunction when they try to use their firearms under stressful situations. Front Sight teaches gun owners how to control stress and to recover from a forearm malfunction before the problem degenerates into an unrecoverable situation.

6. Situational awareness is the key to effectiveness.

Safe and proper firearm usage is accomplished when a shooter is focusing not just on his gun and the prospective target, but on every aspect of his surroundings. The shooter needs to remain aware of his situation well before he draws his weapon. That decision needs to be made consciously and not as an unconscious reaction to a sudden stressful event. Front Sight imbues its students with an enhanced sense of situational awareness, which enables them to respond intelligently rather than to react haphazardly in every situation.

7. Front Sight’s trainers remain available after the training is done.

Firearm users who have participated in Front Sight’s classes know that they can always contact the company’s instructors for clarification of anything that was discussed in a class and for additional tips and techniques to help them handle their firearms. The company adheres to a philosophy that a firearm owner can always improve his skill set, and it assures that its staff remains available to answer questions and inquiries.

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