Food Shortage Scenarios Could Happen Quickly in America

Food Shortage Scenarios Could Happen Quickly in America

Gaining the right perspective based upon reality, will help Americans find the motivation to prepare for hardships. Food shortages is the main hardship we must prepare for, as food is vital for our survival and the likeliest commodity to disappear from the markets. There are many possible ways this could occur, yet one thing remains sure: food shortage scenarios could happen quickly in America.

Conditioning of Americans and Hardship Scenarios

Most Americans are conditioned to think the grocery stores and restaurants around us will always be stocked with food to buy at reasonable prices. Yet, with the disruption of a precarious supply chain, food supplies would diminish rapidly within 3 days. If the scenario is complete disruption, then food would be gone within the time it takes for everyone to rush to the store and grab all they can.

Food Shortage Scenarios Could Happen Quickly in America - Grocery Store

Terrorist attacks, EMP or nuclear bombs, economic collapse, rapidly spreading deadly virus, large earthquake or volcanic eruption, and other natural disasters, are all scenarios which could cause disruption in the supply chain. In addition to these immediate problems we could experience, there’s the possibility of rapid monetary inflation and extremely low crop production, which both could lead to food shortages.

Looking at the amount of debt America has, and the precarious value of the dollar – extreme inflation could result at basically any moment. While there may be some food on the shelves, no one would be able to afford it. Just imagine if the tens of millions of people on food stamps didn’t get their EBT credits?

The Results of a Food Shortage

Because of the urbanization of America for the last 100 years, most people live in the cities. If they’re unable to get food, medication, and other basic supplies – imagine the resulting scenario. The truth is most people are entirely dependent upon this precarious system, which could be disrupted so easily.

If there was an EMP or nuclear attack shutting down the electronic grid across the country, all of the groceries and supplies would be gone within a couple of days. Then, everyone would have to fend for themselves until there was order again in the country. This order may take months to come, and in the mean-time there would be utter chaos.

 Food Shortage Scenarios Could Happen Quickly in America - Nuclear Attack

Prepare Now for Possible Hardships

When a person is prepared, a hard situation can become bearable. Yet, without preparation a hard situation can be devastating. This isn’t a fear tactic, but simply the truth. Advising people to prepare is a loving thing to do in these precarious times we live in. Why wouldn’t we take advantage of the abundance and availability of food and supplies now, to prepare for hardships that are likely to come later?

We have to face that we live in a world torn by war and mayhem, and stop believing America is immune to this. Americans have to fight off the conditioning they’re being deceived into accepting, which brings them a false sense of security. Just look at Hurricane Katrina and the people there, was the government there for them?

Americans should be preparing in some form or another, to ensure we have enough food, water, and basic supplies to last us through a difficult period. Each person will have their own idea of how far they want to go in preparing, but every citizen should be advised to have some preparation plans. Storing food and water for 3 months is a basic suggestion, and this doesn’t take that much effort, considering it could save you and your family’s lives in a time of hardship.

 Food Shortage Scenarios Could Happen Quickly in America - food shortage


Just imagine how many scenarios could take place in America, and how the precarious food supply chain can be disrupted. Then imagine the resulting chaos and hardships that would occur within even one week of not having food in the stores.

Counting on a corrupt and incompetent government to help us in this time of chaos is foolish. The only person that can help you then is those who’ve prepared, and hopefully you’re one of them. Preparing is a wise choice, to learn more about how we can help, contact us today.


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