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Best Rifle Backpacks for Survivalists: From Red Rock to Alps OutdoorZ

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In the world we’re living in today, survival gear might become top priority if civil unrest or more natural disasters keep occurring. We all know one of the most important pieces of survival gear is having a rifle to protect yourself. However, carrying a rifle in your arms every minute is obviously impractical. That’s also true when you’re forced to travel by foot to either escape a disaster area, or to go out and search for food.

For any travel scenario, you need some good quality rifle backpacks to help protect your rifle from the elements. At the same time, you want a backpack making it easy to remove your rifle and use it quickly when it becomes necessary.

You’ll find some outstanding rifle backpacks from some of the top survival gear companies that give you amazing quality along with additional features. It’s imperative to have a backpack capable of holding up under the toughest conditions. This is why the companies producing these rifle backpacks use top-tier materials and designs to make surviving in the wild a little easier.

Here’s the best rifle backpacks for survivalists from some of the best manufacturers out there, including Red Rock, Evac, and Alps OutdoorZ. You can find all of these here at Survival Life Association.


Deluxe Rifle Backpack from Red Rock

There isn’t any doubt that Red Rock is one of the top names you hear about when it comes to rifle backpacks. It’s no surprise why when you see how versatile it is and how comfortable it is when placed on your back.

Their black Deluxe Rifle Backpack is one of the most affordable bags out there as well without skimping on quality features. One of its strongest suits is it has a top load section with a zipper to allow for easier loading. It also makes for easy unloading when you need to take your rifle out in seconds to protect yourself or while hunting.

With an internal divider in the bag, you can load even more firearms inside. This is expandable by eight more inches to carry longer rifles if necessary.

The ability to adjust the straps and height makes it highly customized to fit any scenario and for comfort level. Thanks to Red Rock’s attention to padding, you won’t feel like you’re carrying a weight on your back.

You can get the same bag from Red Rock in a Coyote color if you prefer a lighter color while traveling in the dark.


The Evac TakeDown Carbine Sling Pack

Carrying AR-15/M16 rifles out in the wild is something that might concern you considering how large they are. It’s impossible to carry them when fully assembled for long periods while on foot. However, it’s not always easy to find a carry bag accommodating a disassembled AR-15 or M16 rifle.

Now you can find one with the Evac TakeDown Carbine Sling Pack. This is actually a variation on Evac‘s sling pack and redesigned into a backpack to allow you to handle larger rifles in their taken-down state. With an ingenious design allowing you to place the upper and lower parts of your carbine, you get a padded divider that protects and saves room.

Now you can carry an M4, AR-15, or an M16 in a small backpack size without it feeling overwhelming while being carried. Plus, Evacprovides extra pockets in the bag so you can carry other things like magazines, a cleaning kit, or extra gun parts.

You can use this backpack for carrying urban gear in general, making it practical for use during your job. Carrying work guns, for instance, is very easy and protective thanks to durable materials and Velcro within the internal pouches.

The Evac bag additionally comes in a black color.


Commander & Pack Bag from Alps OutoorZ

Here you have one of our most popular rifle backpacks, and we’re not surprised considering it integrates a freighter frame with a pack bag. It’s a rare combination that’s hard to find anywhere else.

A major plus on this backpack is the ability to carry all of your survival gear as well as your rifle. For survival, it’s the ultimate product to help you carry a lot more of your gear from place to place without it becoming a literal heavy burden.

Utilizing a design that lets you detach the packing bag for use as a freighter frame, the customization is extremely useful when you’re traveling for survival. The rifle holder section on the bag is extremely convenient and easy for loading and removal. There isn’t anything awkward so you can easily grab your rifle in a hurry when you have to.

With the freighter frame, you have the added benefit of transporting meat when you’re on hunting runs.


Evac Watson Lumbar-Chest Sling

As an easy-to-carry accessory, consider this chest sling backpack that’s one of the smallest bags in our inventory. Designed by Hazard4, it’s a perfect complement to any rifle backpack seen above and can easily be carried as an additional bag without extra weight.

In this product, you have more durable materials and added external pockets to carry multiple rifle magazines. Another feature you’ll like is a large front organizer section to store all your gun care tools.

When you can’t carry everything in one backpack, this bag gives you a little more to keep you fully stocked while on long survival journeys.

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