Top 3 Best Rifle Backpacks for Survivalists

Best Rifle Backpacks for Survivalist

As people who understand the need to be prepared for every contingency, we are always looking for those items that will make our lives better. With this in mind, today we are showcasing our top 3 best rifle backpacks for survivalists.

Unfortunately, no matter how great your equipment, gear and tools are, what you do or don’t do with them matters. If you’re not caring for or storing them in a proper manner, they may lose their effectiveness. If you aren’t carrying or transporting them in a secure and efficient manner, they may be of little to no use to you in an emergency situation.

Having quick and easy access to your rifle and accessories while also ensuring their protection should be a top priority. All three of these packs below provide that peace of mind as well as many other benefits including comfort and adaptability. Each of these choices has a different configuration that ensures there is a perfect fit for everyone and every situation.


Red Rock Gear’s Deluxe Rifle Backpack

This padded rifle pack is a great pick for those with many rifles of varying lengths. From Red Rock Outdoor Gear, the Deluxe Rifle Backpack strives to provide both comfort and versatility. At 36 inches in height, it fits most standard rifles with ease. For those with longer barrels, an extra eight inches of space is available due to the expandable top.

Guns are easily loaded into and unloaded through the top of the pack via the zipper on the side. Multiple firearms can be carried using the internal divider that is both removable and securely padded. Your guns won’t get banged around when you’re on the go.

Various ways of carrying the pack are possible with the customizable strap system. Both backpack and waist straps are heavily padded and adjust easily to each user’s height and comfort level. These same straps are also removable for when it is preferable to carry the pack by the shoulder strap.

The Deluxe Rifle Backpack is currently available in two popular colors: black and coyote.



Overwatch Rifle Carry Roll-Pack from Hazard4

Also offered in color choices of black and coyote, this feature-filled pack provides another way to conveniently transport your rifle. The generous sizing allows you to bring along your other often needed gear.

The Overwatch Rifle Pack boasts a thermoformed, anatomic back panel that provides better air circulation and comfort. The exclusive design includes rifle sleeves that unroll and offer the option of being used in high or low positions. This also allows for the carrying of various types of rifles inside the pack at the same time. Rifles are accessed through the top sleeve or from the pack itself.

A removable MOLLE-compatible webbed waist belt can be used for mounting smaller gear bags and pouches. It can also be worn alone when less space is desired or required. The padded belt and other straps have 3D undersides designed to aid in breathability. The webbing throughout the entire harness allows for extra expansion and airflow.

Various straps and large grab-handles add to the safety and versatility of this pack. Your guns and other items are made secure by inner compression straps while you’re on the move. In an emergency, the buckle on harness straps will facilitate rapid pack drops. A long sternum strap with elastic take-up provides extra chest comfort and stability.

Creative and unique storage is one of the biggest benefits of this particular rifle pack. Sunglasses and delicate items are protected in the thermoformed cap while most 15.6 and smaller laptops fit in the padded back-carrier pocket. Hydration bladders up to 100 ounces can fit in the back pocket and easily connect to the installed hydration hose or antenna port. Cumbersome and odd-sized gear can be carried safely in the padded interior or in the spacious organizer pocket.


Alps OutdoorZ’s Commander & Pack Bag

Hunters will especially appreciate the benefit of getting two products in one with this great pack bag and frame. Getting the Commander + Pack Bag from Alps OutdoorZ means you’re actually getting a 5250 cubic inch pack bag AND a freighter frame. Having that convenient freighter frame already with you makes it much easier to haul your prize back out of deer camp.

This top-loading pack bag is made of nylon ripstop in a clay color. The bag itself weighs just over two pounds with the detachable freighter frame adding five pounds for a total combined empty weight of 7 lbs 5 oz. It comes in two adjustable waist belt sizes. The standard fits waist sizes 26-40 inches while the x-large will accommodate 40 inches and above.

In addition to the main compartment, the pack bag has many other pockets and holders. Included are a rifle holder, two hinged accessory side pockets, a front pocket and a pocket for your spotting scope. Pocket knives and flashlights are also taken care of. A hydration pocket and port add to the storage possibilities of this pack bag. An internal horizontal divider coupled with extensive padding keep your gear secure and protected.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, the emptied pack bag is easy to detach from the frame. The hold-open freighter frame has its own unique lashing system to anchor your cargo or meat. The frame and lashing straps included in the set even have a holder integrated into them to secure your gun.

The padded waist belt and shoulder straps on this pack bag and frame are a welcome benefit and necessity. You will be able to carry higher amounts of weight in comfort and safety with these extra features.

To learn more about choosing the best rifle pack for your situation, contact us for more information. We have many options for your survival and hunting needs.


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