Best Range and Gear Bags for Shooters: Durable Products for the Rugged Hunter

Best Range and Gear Bags for Shooters

Being a hunter is a valuable skill if you need to survive in the outdoors long-term after a man-made or natural disaster occurs and having the best range and gear bags for shooters can make a big difference.. Those who know how to hunt will always survive when food becomes a scarcity, and you need to provide for yourself and your family. However, no one can assume conditions are going to stay calm when forced outdoors after a disastrous event.

It’s why you need range and gear bags that can hold up under the toughest conditions when you’re forced to survive in the wild. When you’re hunting, you don’t want flimsy bags not holding up in miserable wintry conditions or during long travels by foot.

Buying survival gear means looking for the very best brands with the most durable materials. You’ll find some manufacturers that produce range and gear bags made extremely ruggedly so they’re guaranteed to hold up for years.

We never know how long we’ll have to survive in the outdoors when future disaster strikes. With these particular range and gear bags, you’ll be completely prepared, including easily organizing any other survival gear.

Here’s the best range and gear bags for shooters from brand names like Red Rock and Humvee. You can get all of these here at Survival Life Association.red-rock-gear-range-bag

Red Rock Gear Range Bag

We’ve long admired Red Rock as being one of the best manufacturers for all range and gear bags since they use excellent materials, including a PVC lining in their products. With these available, you’re guaranteed to keep this bag going for many days, weeks, or even months if worse comes to worse.

Their gear range bag is perfect for not just disasters. You can use this for about any excursion in outdoor places where conditions pose a challenge. In the chance you drop it or get it wet, it’s going to protect your entire gear inside without fail.

This bag is also quite large, though only weighs just a little over 3 lbs. As such, you won’t feel like you’re carrying a huge weight over your arm when carrying this on long foot trips.

Inside, you have compartments for every possible accessory as a hunter or a basic survivor. Each pouch can hold pistols, ammunition, binoculars, and even rain gear when it’s needed.

Thanks to a padded divider down the middle of the bag, you can carry so much more to aid in your survival. Most of your basics can go in this bag, including a folding mat to work with all your range essentials.

Along with an adjustable shoulder strap, you’ll have complete comfort, no matter your body size.

The Red Rock bag also comes in a Coyote color.



5.11 Range Qualifier Bag

Another great range bag maker is 5.11 Tactical, and they’re known for their compactness in all their totes. Their black range qualifier bag looks classy, and you can use it during all your hunting trips in mountainous locations or in the wilderness.

The bag has capability to hold your firearms and all your ammunition with added security. Locking zippers make this a rarity in range bags, yet absolutely needed in all cases of when traveling or just generally surviving.

Since you’ll be moving around considerably, you also want your accessories to not jiggle around in the bag. In the 5.11 bag, you get a magnetic keeper inside to keep everything in place. Padded pistol sleeves protect your guns from scratching while on the move.

Other accessories include a compartment to hold water, plus a drop-down front to give you a flat work area when loading your guns with ammunition.

It’s possible to get this same bag in a sandstone color.



Humvee Day Pack Gear Bag

Through Humvee, you’ll find yet another quality manufacturer that takes durability seriously in gear bags. They place special emphasis on the materials, particularly in their black gear bag designed for day use.

When you look at the materials on this bag, it’s the best of the best: 600d polyester, as well as nylon fabric. It additionally has double reinforced stitching so it holds up under the worst conditions.

During times when you have to stay out in the elements while in survival mode, this bag is going to hold up for a long time and not fall apart. Water-repellent construction helps this tenfold, particularly if you live in overly rainy climates and forced to spend time outdoors.

At only 46 ounces, it’s another bag feeling comfortable on your arm or shoulder. Overall, it has enough compartments to hold most of your basic survival gear while using reinforced carry handles for long excursions.


Maxpedition Aftermath Compact Toiletries Bag

A brand name called Maxpedition should give you hints this bag manufacturer takes life outdoors extremely seriously. As a general gear bag for all toiletries, you get an excellently durable product similar to the bags you see above.

Materials are very strong and can protect all of your basic gear while forced to travel by foot for long periods. We may come to a point where it’s necessary to travel long distances on foot if a disaster makes car travel impossible.

Using a gear bag from Maxpedition will help protect your belongings without exposing them to rain, hail, or even excessive heat from fire.

In this bag, the compactness is only by sight since you’ll have plenty of roomy compartments inside to store all small essentials to keep you alive.

Contact us at Survival Life Association to find more quality range and gear bags that you can find at decent prices through our site. We now offer over 20,000 survival products to help you through any calamity.


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