Backpacking 2.0 – Tips To Enhance Your Backpacking Experience


In this article we will show you some cool tricks to enhance your backpacking experience and make your trips more enjoyable.

-Instead of buying a compact pillow, stuff your extra clothes in your sleeping bag sack and use that instead.

-Buy a 2 person backpacking tent and hike with a companion. I you split up the tent components, it will only weigh 3/5 to 3/4 the amount of a 1 person tent.

-If you can handle it, using a lightweight tarp tied to some trees as your shelter can save you up to 3 pounds on shelter weight!

-Buy lightweight steaks for your tent, you’d be surprised by how much weight it will save you.

-If it won’t be getting cold, use a sleeping bag liner or if you don’t have one, a light blanket instead of a sleeping bag.

Backpacking 2.0 - Tips To Enhance Your Backpacking Experience - hammock
-If you want to save lots of space, Use a hammock and tarp instead of a tent and a sleeping pad. You could reduce your shelter and sleeping gear to the size of a small watermelon but only 1/10 of the weight!

-Wear lightweight clothes, it can and will save you pounds.

-Use trekking poles, it will take loads of your feet.

-Instead of packing 6 liters of water, bring a compact water filter and get water from creeks and streams.

-Get a pocket sized stove and some titanium cookware, it will only weigh around 1-1.5 lbs.

-You need light and nutritious foods, here’s some ideas. Granola bars, nuts, berries, and dehydrated foods.

-Make sure your Backpack waist strap rest on your hip bones for maximum support.

-Don’t wear cotton, if it rains you’ll regret it.

-If you only need a little of something like hand sanitizer or bug spray. Take what you need and put it in a smaller container, you’ll save space and room.

-Use the smallest possible bag for your gear, if you can pack all of your stuff into a 45 liter bag, that’s great! You should also try to keep your bag under 30 pounds (when fully packed).

Backpacking 2.0 - Tips To Enhance Your Backpacking Experience - survival knife
-Don’t pack overkill gear like a machete or hatchet, a good survival knife will make the cut.

-If you can sleep good without your sleeping pad, don’t pack it.

-Instead of using advanced cooking gear, make a soda can stove. If you pack some medial alcohol it can use that as fuel. Your stove kit can now be as light as 2oz

-Make sure your sleeping bag is light, if it weighs more than 2 pounds it’s to heavy

-Use Iodine treatment to filter your water, mix in some vitamin c to make it taste natural. You water filter can now weigh as light as 1.1oz

-For a first aid kit you only need a few Band-Aids, a little anti-biotic cream, hydrogen peroxide, medical tape and a gauze pad, this could be as light as 3oz.

-Your boots make a difference too, make sure they are extra-high quality

-Bring some nylon rope or paracord, anything else is to heavy.

Backpacking 2.0 - Tips To Enhance Your Backpacking Experience - matches
-Only bring a book of matches unless you will be gone more than 3 days, then you can bring more.


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