5 Livestock You Can Raise on Less Than An Acre


When we imagine our off the grid life, we imagine a house on a fairly big plot of land. Unfortunately, things don’t always work out quite so perfectly. However, just because your off the grid land is a little smaller than you imagined, it doesn’t mean you can’t live out your livestock-raising dreams. Okay, so maybe you can’t have cows or pigs, but there are a few livestock options that require little space.


They are the classic livestock choice. They are small and good for both eggs and meat. Not only that, but they are relatively easy to keep and eat things like spiders and mosquito eggs. However, the downside of chickens is their noise. Roosters crow, not just in the morning, but all the time. This can be a problem if you have neighbors because you need at least one rooster to keep your flock. However, with only a small area needed to live, chickens can be kept almost any area.


Quite a few people keep rabbits as fluffy little pets, but they have their own benefits for off the grid life. Not only are the good eating, but if you can’t bear to eat your rabbit friends, they produce good compost and fertilizer for your garden. Rabbits are also a fine source of angora wool if you want to make a little money on your homestead. While rabbits need a relatively small area to live, less so than chickens, you also need to properly care for them. If their bedding is not changed, a rabbit hutch can get very smelly, very quickly.


Although their meat is a little oilier, a duck is just a quieter chicken. As they don’t crow and their quacks are somewhat quiet, they don’t disturb the neighbors. Duck eggs take a little getting used to, but they aren’t terrible. The downside is that ducks need slightly more room to roam outside than chickens. However, if you have a pond on your property, then they are the perfect addition. Like chickens, if you get the right breed of ducks, you don’t need to worry about them flying off either. Domestic breeds of ducks are specially bred to be on the meatier side so they can’t fly away.

Dwarf Goat

Goats are getting towards the maximum size small off the grid homesteads will be able to support. Goats requires less grazing land than other animals, but still a substantial amount. However, unlike other animals, goats are a lot like owning dogs. They are social, affectionate, and get along with most animals. However, because they are so social, you need at least a couple other goats so they can keep each other company. Regardless, not only do they provide meat if needed, but goats produce milk and high-quality fiber like mohair and cashmere. Unfortunately, homesteaders often bond with goats because they are so friendly, and that it makes butchering them pretty difficult.


What is the ultimate livestock animal for tight spaces? It is quail, guys! A fraction of the size of chickens, quail require very little space and you can keep a surprisingly amount in one place. While their eggs are small and hard to crack, they are very tasty, and a single quail is perfectly portion sized. While quiet and requires little space, quail are devilishly fast. You need to make sure your quail cage is very secure otherwise you will have wild Bob Whites living in your off the grid forest for years to come.


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