24 Cold Weather Hacks to Keep You Warm All Winter


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The cold winter winds are starting to blow, and it can mean a few winter nights that are spent shivering by a fire or a heater that doesn’t seem to ever get warm enough. However, there are a lot of ways to keep warm, some that we might not have ever thought of using. If you are looking to stay toasty all through the cold season, these 24 winter hacks might just do the trick.

  • Keep the Curtains Open. One of the easiest ways to heat a home is to utilize the power of the sun. It also happens to be one of the cheapest ways. In the winter, open up those curtains throughout the day to let the sun heat your home. This means east-facing windows in the morning, west-facing windows in the afternoon, and because the sun is lower in the sky during the winter, south-facing windows all day long.
  • Use Quilts As Curtains to Keep Heat In. After the sun sets, don’t let all that heat escape, close those curtains to keep heat inside. Insulating curtains are the best tools for the job, but old quilts work just as well.
  • Close Unused Rooms. You can’t be in every room at once, so why heat all of them? If you want the room you are in to stay toasty warm, close the doors to everywhere you are not in and the heat will stay concentrated in that one room.
  • Use Wool Insoles in Boots. Finding that you can’t fit your feet into boots with your three layers of socks? Why not strip off a few sock layers and use wool insoles instead? They are super easy to make, just make sure you cut the right shape, and not only add comfort to boots, but warmth as well.
  • Save the Bath Water. Water is a great way to heat your house, but boiling it on stove uses more energy than necessary, so instea try making the water you regularly use last longer. After a bath or shower, keep the water around until it cools to room temperature. The warmth of the water will warm up your bathroom and add much needed humidity to the otherwise dry air in your house.
  • Use Candles. Candles don’t just add a romantic ambiance to any room, but they create heat too.
  • Use Carpeting. If you have nice wood or tile floors, they are beautiful, but cold. Even with floor insulation, you are still losing heat through the floor. Invest in or even make some carpeting to put on the floor in the winter to insulate and protect your bare feet from the cold.
  • Pre-Warm Your Bed with Water Bottles. A cool bed is great in the summer, but a shock to the system in the winter. Before you get into bed at night, warm it up with a few hot water bottles. It makes it cozy and cuddling up with a hot water bottle is pretty soothing as it is.
  • Open the Oven After Baking. If you haven’t noticed, your oven retains heat really well even after it is turned off. Don’t let that heat go to waste, after you are done baking all your winter goodies, open it up and put that heat to work.
  • Use Pipe Insulation to Block Drafts. If you have a door that doesn’t really seal properly or has no seal, like an interior door, one cheap and effective hack is to take that extra pipe insulation that you used to winterize your pipes, and stick it on the bottom of a door. It provides an excellent way to keep out drafts.
  • Keep Socks Dry with Sandwich Bags. It sounds silly, but wet socks are the number one reason of cold toes. To keep your socks dry and your feet warm while working outside, waterproof them through the use of sandwich bags.
  • Create a Terra Cotta Heater. Terra Cotta pots are handy, but they also hold heat really well. All you need to do is place a terra cottapot upside down on blocks above a long-burning candle and you have an excellent space heater that isn’t as big of a fire hazard as those electric ones.
  • Reflect Heat with Tin Foil. Tin foil can, and should, be used in a lot of ways to keep your home warm. You can put it behind a radiator, under the fireplace grill, and even under the burners on your stove if you use electric burners and it will reflect the heat out. Just be sure to use the shiny side!
  • Make DIY Hand Warmers. Don’t spend ridiculous amounts on hand warmers, you can do it yourself. All you need is two plastic bags, water, and sidewalk salt. Put a bag of sidewalk salt sealed in a bag of water and when you need it, just rupture the salt bag.
  • Reverse Your Ceiling Fan. No, really. That ceiling fan, when put in reverse doesn’t create a breeze, but rather pushes the hot air, which rises, down to the ground. It is excellent for people with high ceilings.
  • Turn Up the Spice. We all know that hot drinks will warm us up from the inside out, but the same thing goes with spices. Add a little hot sauce to your eggs, put a little more Cheyenne in your chili, and generally spice up your food to keep you warmer.
  • Insulate Windows With Bubble Wrap. In Russia’s coldest town in Siberia, they insulate windows by putting stacked matchsticks in between each layer of glass, but you probably don’t need to do that. Bubble wrap is actually a great insulator and can be really easy to stick on with water and take down later. You just have to resist popping all the bubbles.
  • Keep Outside Walls Clear. If you have a lot of wet snow that kind of sticks to the side of your house, be sure that one of your first morning chores on a sunny day is to go knock it off. You want as much sun hitting your house as possible, and that sunlight is wasted when it has to melt through snow.
  • Use Your Own Hot Air. You know why blanket forts are so fun on a cold day? Because unless you are really good at making them, it is basically you under a low-hanging blanket, heating everything up with your own breath. You don’t need to build a blanket fort for the same effect, but you can if you want.
  • Exercise, But Just A Little. Feeling cold? Get up and get moving. Exercise will warm you up really fast. To be most effective, exercise just to the point where you are about to break out in a full sweat. Cooling sweat will make you cold again really fast.
  • Pop Everything in a Dryer. Hate getting into cold covers? Hate getting in cold clothes? Put it in the dryer for a few minutes. The dryer will not only help warm up the house, but it makes everything so much better to put on.
  • Create a Heating Pad. Like the hot water bottle, heating pads are also great, and you can make them at home. Just fill a long sock with rice, microwave for a few minutes and you will have a reusable heating pad to cuddle up with.
  • Create Your Own Snow Gear. If you don’t have mittens, you can make them. If you don’t have thick warm socks, you can make them. You simply need an old sweater and a basic sewing ability. By creating extra snow gear, it saves money, makes you warmer, and gives you something to do while sitting by the fire.
  • Cuddle Up. Being cold is not only a good pick up line, but an effective one. Let’s be honest, knocking boots is one of the more fun ways to warm up when you are really cold.

Winter is not just about staying warm, but staying prepared for anything. You never know when that next blizzard is coming to snow you in. If you want to stay prepared and protect your family, contact us today.


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